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Goshawks 1st & 2nd Spring Terms 2012
Poetry classic & narrative.
Fiction – plays & stories from other cultures.
Non-Fiction – completing our work on instructions & building on our ability to write recounts.
We will continue to work on reading & comprehension skills as well as speaking & listening skills. This term we hope to start our class talks, where children give a short talk on one of their hobbies to the class followed by a Q&A session.
Once again, the Maths we will be covering will be place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division,  shape & space,  fractions & decimals, time, handling & collecting data, measures, problem solving, mental calculations, using a calculator. We will also be continuing to work on improving our times tables recall & develop its use in division as well as telling the time (analogue/digital & 24 hour clock)

After we have complete our work on separating materials we will be looking at life cycles of various animals & plants plus interdependancy & adaptation.

Clay work, collage sketching, using pastels, creating figures from wire, are some of the things we are going to be working on this term.

Singing to link with our play, plus listening to & discussing music.

We will be investigating rivers & water.

We will be creating our very own ‘treasure boxes’ as well as working on cams.

We will be working on country dancing, well as large apparatus & invasion games.

We will continue to use ICT across the curriculum. The children will complete their work on graphic modelling & will work on branching databases as well as collecting & presenting information using a database.

Our focus is Symbols & religious expression.

Spelling will be give regularly.
It would help if children read as much as possible & discuss what they have read with an adult. Reading a range of different texts would help, from story books & comics to non fiction, newspapers (where appropriate) to timetables & TV schedules. Other homework will be due in a week after it is set.