At Gastrells, we understand the importance of providing children with a rich and varied history education.

Our objectives in the teaching of history are allow children to:

  • be curious to know about the past
  • think deeply by using an enquiry-based approach
  • ask perceptive questions
  • think critically
  • understand the process of change over time
  • be inquisitive about societies
  • ask and answer questions about the past using the evidence that has been left behind


History is taught both through discrete lessons, targeted to deliver the learning aims and objectives set out in the National Curriculum, as well as cross curricular activities and applications which serve to further develop and enrich children’s literacy, skills and understanding of the subject.

At Gastrells, teachers are encouraged to lead their history planning through one key question as we advocate an enquiry-based approach. This is because we want to develop the children’s historical thinking skills, which can then be applied to any given topic.

Our curriculum planning is in three phases (long-term, medium-term and short-term). Our long-term plan maps the history topics studied in each term during each key stage. The subject leader co-ordinates this plan in conjunction with teaching colleagues in each year group. Cross curricular links with other subjects are used where possible.

We use the history curriculum as the basis for our plans. This gives details of what skills and areas must be covered in each year group. The subject leader reviews these plans on a regular basis. In this way, we ensure that children cover as much of the National Curriculum, as possible.

When teaching history lessons, teachers at Gastrells are encouraged to access a wide range of artefacts to make for resource rich and engaging sessions.


Through our intent and implementation, children should:

  • leave Gastrells with a rich and varied knowledge of history which will set them up on a good foundation to carry on throughout their lives
  • Children are curious and eager to learn more about the past and aren’t afraid to question anything
  • Think of history as ‘fun’ and ‘interesting’