Our Teaching Team

Sarah Richardson – Class Teacher
Kayleigh Grace – Class Teacher
Steve Godwin – Teaching Assistant

Dear Ospreys class & parents/carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to say; ‘Welcome Back!’ to you and all of the children of Ospreys class. We are so excited to get started and return to things being as ‘normal’ as possible. Please find below outlined several keys areas for your attention, however if you ever have any questions please email us, our contact details are:



Please note, Miss Richardson works Mondays and Tuesdays and Miss Grace works Thursdays and Fridays, we share on Wednesdays.

Homework this term

Year 2: Weekly spellings, reading and a maths passport activity.

Year 3: Weekly spellings, reading, a maths passport activity and an activity related to our topic.

World Awareness

World Awareness will be taking place from 12th – 23rd October. Our country this year is Peru and it will be a great opportunity for the class to learn about Peruvian culture.

What are we going to be learning about this term?

Maths – Place Value, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Money.

English – Our English work will be centred around certain texts. Are first text will be ‘The Huge Bag Of Worries’ by Virginia Ironside.

P.E – Gymnastics and invasion games.

Topic – We are having a ‘mini topic’ called ‘All About Me’ up until World Awareness. The focus will be on mental and physical well-being, friendship and dealing with worries.


Autumn 1 – Animals including humans

Autumn 2 – Rocks

How can parents help at home?

Reading– The children will be put into reading groups and will be given a selection of books to take home and read. As we have to allow two days to quarantine the books after they have been returned to school, we have decided to give children a weeks’ worth of books on a Friday and ask for them to all to be returned on Friday’s so that they can quarantine over the weekend. It would be advantageous for you to encourage your child to read, model reading and read with them whenever possible.

Spelling – It is important that the children can not only spell their wordlists but also understand their meaning. In class we will be testing spellings on Friday’s.

Maths- Please support your child when they are completing their maths passport activity. Practicing times tables, number bonds to ten and twenty and would also be beneficial.

What have we been learning about?

We will be regularly updating our blog, so keep up to date with what we have been up to by visiting the Word Press Blog.

We will also use twitter to share events: @gastrellsschool

We look forward to seeing you!

Miss Grace and Miss Richardson

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