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  • On Friday, Peregrines got their cooking aprons on for some Christmas baking, to make puff pastry mince pies. We cut out discs from the puff paste, dampened them with water to make them stick, and then placed a teaspoon of mincemeat filling inside, before sealing the lid on each pie. We crimped around the edge […]
  • Peregrines got into the festive spirit this week as they made two different designs of Christmas card. We painted a snowman picture using different painting and printing techniques. For the Father Christmas design we got quite messy as we painted the palm of our hand, to print a palm print onto green card. We stuck […]
  • Peregrines learned some useful skills for moving and passing in netball this week from our visiting student teacher, Miss Cotton. In a game called ‘Squash the Bug !’, Miss Cotton showed us how to pivot around a point on the ground on one foot. Peregrines then put their skills to use in a netball match.
  • Every Monday afternoon, Peregrines and Eagles get together to share story books during partnered reading. Sometimes the Year 6 children will read to Peregrines, or Peregrines May choose to read to Year 6 pupils. It is always a friendly time where we get to share and enjoy reading stories together.
  • In our spelling and grammar lessons this week, Year 2 Peregrines have been adding suffixes to words to create new adjectives, and learned the spelling rules that are involved. We have looked at adding -ful and -less, to create adjectives like beautiful, helpful, and careless and helpless. We also learned about adding -er and-est to […]
  • In our Art lesson this week we created pictures to illustrate the Fireworks poems we have been writing in English. Peregrines explores using chalk pastels on black paper, using smudging techniques to create different effects to show the impression of the movement of fireworks against the night sky. Children painted a bonfire, and used glue […]
  • The classroom was more colourful than usual today as Peregrines came to school in casual clothes to raise money for Children in Need.
  • Peregrines have been looking at different poems in English, and this week began writing their own poem to describe Bonfire Night. We read examples of fireworks poems and collected together a word bank of useful vocabulary and descriptive phrases, before talking about our own experiences of fireworks night. Children were challenged to use different verbs, […]
  • Year 2 Peregrines have been learning to create noun phrases using adjectives, as part of their Spelling and Grammar. This will help them to use adventurous words in their poetry writing this week. We have looked at different ways to describe nouns, and how an adjective can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Today […]
  • During the second week of World Awareness activities, Peregrines learned about the life and work of the Argentinian artist, Antonio Berni. Berni started as a painter, but in later life began creating collage using recycled materials. His pictures often show people living the the city of Buenos Aries, surrounded by piles of litter. Peregrines got […]