Our Teaching Team

Lauren Kelly – Teacher
Cheryl Light – Teaching Assistant
Pip Stroud – Teaching Assistant

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  • Peregrines have been looking at how the sugar coating on sweets dissolves when left in water.
  • Peregrines had the best afternoon last week, exploring and experimenting with water!
  • In art, we have been using nature to create patterns on the floor. Take a look at our creations so far!
  • We have had a super start to our learning! Peregrines have been using resources and technology to improve their knowledge of number bonds to 10, 20 and in some cases, beyond!
  • Peregrines had a great start to their final week of the year with a fun Forest School session with Mr. Meadows. Peregrines investigated what made the rocket fire the furthest: more water? More air? Peregrines took it in turns to hold the launching pipe as the upturned bottle was pumped full of air, while the […]
  • In Science this term Peregrines having been learning about minibeast creatures that live in garden habitats. This week Miss Turberville took the class outside to the pond area to design and build a hotel for minibeast. Children took turns to bring sticks, hay, soil, flowers and leaves to the bug hotel, and talked about which […]
  • In Computing lessons this term, Peregrines have been learning to program sequences of instructions to make their beebot follow a chosen route. They used a map with roads, before designing their own street layout to guide the beebot through.