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Clive Payne – Class Teacher
Kayleigh Grace – Class Teacher
Cheryl Light – Teaching Assistant

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  • Peregrines came in dressed up in Halloween costumes today for the final day before half term. After finishing our phonics sentences, we had a fun time climbing the hall apparatus in PE this morning, and finished off our World Awareness learning about South Africa with the story of Nelson Mandela’s journey from prisoner to president. […]
  • Peregrines have been learning about the climate and landscape of South Africa in our World Awareness activities this week. We learned that the Savannah is an important habitat for many different species of animals, including lions, cheetah, elephant, rhino and meerkats. We talked about the features of the Savannah, and how the many animals in […]
  • Peregrines experienced taste of South Africa this week, as part of their Learning about the country for World Awareness Weeks. The class worked together to make a street food speciality popular in Durban, called Bunny Chow. Everyone was given a vegetable or ingredient to prepare, which went into a large saucepan for a vegetable curry. […]
  • Peregrines have been developing their skills of balance and control in Gymnastics this term. In our PE lesson on Friday, we started with a game where children crawl in a crab position, and if they are tagged they make a bridge shape until they are freed by someone crawling underneath them. We then moved on […]
  • As part of our activities for World Awareness, Peregrines were visited by Julie Fowler last week, who led them through the process of making a bowl out of clay. Pupils first looked at some African designs and sketched down their design ideas on paper, before getting to grips with the clay. Children molded their clay […]
  • Peregrines today joined an assembly for World Maths Day, along with classes from many other schools. We looked at different systems for representing numbers, including Japanese and Chinese symbols. Peregrines had a go at copying some of the Chinese symbols for numbers 1-10. We learned about some early counting systems, such as tally marks, and […]
  • In our World Awareness Art lesson this week, Peregrines learned about how the many colours of the South African flag symbolise the many cultural groups of people that share the country as their home. We looked at the artwork of the Ndebele people of South Africa, who traditionally decorate their homes, clothes and every day […]
  • Peregrines are learning all about South Africa for our World Awareness Weeks. In our lesson yesterday we located South Africa on a map of the world and discussed how the climate was different to that of the UK. We found out about some of the animals that are native to South Africa, and about the […]
  • In our Science this term, Peregrines are learning about the changing seasons. In Science lessons with Miss Grace children have learned about how the speed and direction of the wind can be measured, and have been busy making their own colourful wind sock jellyfish! The class had fun last week taking them outside to see […]
  • For our calendar project last week in Art, Peregrines learned about how daffodil bulbs planted in October grow underground over the winter and produce flowers as one of the first signs of Spring. We looked at the shapes of the daffodil plant, and made a sketch of the stems and leaves. Next we sketched in […]