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  • Peregrines have been learning about the importance of percussion and rhythm in reggae music this term. Children have designed their own percussion instruments and each brought in a wide variety of recycled pots, bottles, tubes and boxes to make an instrument they can hit or shake to make a sound. The shakers were filled with […]
  • Peregrines got busy in class this week, constructing models of Tudor townhouses which we will use in our reconstruction of the Great Fire of London. In Topic lessons we have been learning all about how the houses were built and why they were prone to catching fire easily. We began by joining together cardboard boxes, […]
  • On Friday 7th February, an excited class set off to walk to the fire station. We were greeted by Josh, from White Watch, who began by telling us about the routines at the station and how emergency calls are responded to. We saw firefighters zooming down the poles, before splitting into three groups. First we […]
  • Peregrines are learning about The Great Fire of London in Topic lessons this term. This week we found out about Tudor houses: how they were built, and why they might catch fire easily. We looked at some examples of Tudor buildings, and discussed the materials used to build them. We talked about life in 17th […]
  • On Monday Peregrines were visited by Tamsin, from Stroud Valleys Wildlife Trust. Tamsin talked about the creatures that might be found around the school grounds, before heading out onto the field to hunt for habitats. The children used a spoon to coax minibeasts into plastic pots, and we then sorted creatures in to different categories, […]
  • Well done to these two Peregrines, who this week successfully completed all the targets in their Maths Passports within the five minute test time to be able to move up to the next continent and the challenge of a new set of maths recall targets. They were both also able to answer quick fire verbal […]
  • Our visiting student, Miss Cotton, got the class up on their feet finding numbers posted around the classroom in our maths lesson this week. Peregrines have been learning to find pairs of numbers to make 10 using multi link cubes, and how to use this knowledge for addition and subtraction.
  • Spring Term Science learning in Peregrines kicked off with a lesson about food chains. We learned how animals and plants are connected by their need for energy. We sorted different living things into their food chains. We then discussed the difference between things that are living, and things that have never been alive, before heading […]
  • On Friday, Peregrines got their cooking aprons on for some Christmas baking, to make puff pastry mince pies. We cut out discs from the puff paste, dampened them with water to make them stick, and then placed a teaspoon of mincemeat filling inside, before sealing the lid on each pie. We crimped around the edge […]
  • Peregrines got into the festive spirit this week as they made two different designs of Christmas card. We painted a snowman picture using different painting and printing techniques. For the Father Christmas design we got quite messy as we painted the palm of our hand, to print a palm print onto green card. We stuck […]