Our Teaching Team

Chloe Woolls – Class Teacher
Sonia Wilkins – Teaching Assistant

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  • This week the Owls have had a challenge to create their own toy shops! Through this they have worked on their communication and language skills through explaining the products and working with one another to create the shop! They have also been working on their maths skills, through writing price tags, paying for items and […]
  • The Owls have been absolutely loving Forest School! They have had a great time exploring their outdoor environment, learning about their surroundings as well as chilling out on the hammocks! Mr Meadows has even shown the Owls how to cook popcorn on the fire as well as toasting toffee apples! Some of our cheeky dinosaurs […]
  • Finally the Owls met their missing dinosaur when it tried to climb through the classroom roof! Luckily it hasn’t yet managed to enter the classroom properly, but the Owls loved finding him and trying to figure out how to help him get through! Throughout the week, the Owls also had a lot of exciting activities […]
  • Reading As we are all settled into the new term, I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the Owls reading. So many children are reading at home and loving it! They have enjoyed sharing their reading with the teachers in Owls and they have been working incredibly hard with their […]
  • This morning, we received a letter from Miss Kelly, letting us know that she had seen the missing dinosaur! The Owls were so excited to go and find the footprint and to see where it was leading to! They were so creative and they all thought of different ways that we could measure the footprint! […]
  • Today in Owls, we discussed the importance of Remembrance Day! The Owls were fascinated and very interested to hear all about the soldiers who gave their lives so that we could be free. They were incredibly thoughtful and enjoyed painting poppies to show others that we are thinking of all the soldiers from all across […]
  • Today, the Owls loved getting messy today in the small world Dinosaur Swamp! They came up with lovely stories to play and enjoyed getting the dinosaurs mucky and cleaning them up afterwards! 🦕🦖 In Owls, we have been thinking about where Dinosaurs used to live and what the world looked like when they roamed the […]
  • On Monday, the Owls found a mysterious blue egg in the play garden! We didn’t know how it got there, or what was inside the egg! We had lots of ideas, some children thought it might be an Ostrich because the egg was very big! Some children thought it might be a dinosaur whilst others […]
  • As we reached the end of what has been a very different first term at Gastrells, we celebrated in Owls with a halloween party! The Owls had lots of spooky, slimy activities to explore! They loved exploring the pumpkins, playing with the messy spaghetti and printing pumpkins using apples! 🎃 The Owls have worked very […]
  • As part of the final days of World Awareness Week, the Owls had the opportunity to explore clay. They talked about the different texture as well as discussing how they could change the clay using both their hands and their modelling tools. The Owls were then shown how to create Pinch Pots out of clay! […]