It gives us great pleasure in welcoming you to our school and thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with and get to know your children!

The first year at school is so important, as it builds the foundations for your child’s personal, social and emotional development, as well as their academic skills, knowledge and understanding. In Owls we endeavour to give your child the best start to school life by establishing an enriching and nurturing environment. We follow the Early Learning Goals which can be found below and we follow a child-led approach to learning, whereby we take the interests of the class and focus our learning around this.

In Owls we aspire to provide fun, hands-on activities for children to explore within a safe, challenging and stimulating learning environment. This promotes motivated, enthused and eager learners as well as developing a sense of independence, always striving to succeed.

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Our Teaching Team

Chloe Woolls – Class Teacher
Sonia Wilkins – Teaching Assistant
Sarah Payne – Teaching Assistant

Dear Owls & Parents/Carers,  

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break! The Owls have loved telling us all about everything they have been up to over the holidays! We are looking forward to this new term and have already got off to a flying start!

This term our topic is: People who help us. We will be looking at different people and their jobs and how they help other people.

The Owls will be thinking about people that help them as well as how they can help other people. We will also be turning our play shed from a vets into a detectives station and the Owls will be able to become secret agents and hunt for clues!


The Owls have been working really hard to learn their sounds and it is showing in their reading and writing! It has been lovely to see so many of the Owls reading at home and practicing their sounds out and about.

This term the reception Owls are moving onto their Phase 3 sounds which includes the remaining singular letters (j, v, w, x, y, z) as well as some consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, ng, nk) and vowel digraphs (ai, ee, igh, oa, oo) and many more. Alongside this we will be covering the tricky words (the, to, go, I, into, she, he etc.)

Some of the Year One Owls are working in the Peregrines class for Phonics and are continuing on Phase 4/5 sounds.

Any reinforcement at home will be appreciated. 

If you would like to ensure you are pronouncing the sounds correctly please follow the link below:


Thank you so much for reading with your children at home, it really does make a massive impact on their learning. Please continue to share the books we send home with your children as well as letting us know about any home books they are enjoying.

This term we will continue to read with the children at least once a week and aim to change books on a Tuesday and Friday.


This term we are progressing from numbers 1-5 to the numbers 6-10. Throughout this we will be learning about 1 more/1 less as well as number bonds within these numbers.

We will also be practicing the skill of subitising which is being able to recognise how many are in a group up to 5 without needing to count. Any reinforcement at home would be greatly appreciated!

Forest school 

The Owls have been loving forest school and this will continue every Monday afternoon beginning next week. Whilst the weather is cold, the Owls can continue to come to school in forest school appropriate clothing which means their legs and arms are covered! Forest school allows the children to learn more about the world through hands on    experiences, which helps them to grow in confidence, creativity, independence and resilience.

PE kits 

The children should all bring their PE kits in this week as they will be having PE on a daily basis and it is important that they get to practice changing. They should all have a black t-shirt, shorts and Velcro trainers/daps. 



Thank you for all your donations of snacks so far this year. We really appreciate it! Please remember that we offer milk during snack time and if your child would like to have a cup of milk then you can sign up here:

Milk is free until your child’s 5th birthday, after which Cool Milk will send you an invoice should you wish to continue as there is a small charge for over 5’s milk.


This term we will continue to share your child’s learning on Tapestry so please check in and have a look; sharing these pictures with your child is a great way of finding out more about their day!

Please do share anything from their home learning too as they can then share this during show and tell.

Kind Regards,  

Miss Woolls and the Owls Team 

Checkout our latest posts from our class blog below or just hit to button to get to our complete blog. It’s the best way to get the most up-to-date information about what we are up to and also has some great images – so dive in!!!

  • The Owls have loved learning about the Queen and her upcoming Platinum Jubilee! We are really looking forward to the Gastrells Street Party and have already started preparations by designing our own pieces for the Jubilee bunting!
  • We are really enjoying the warmer weather in Owls and have been spending a lot of time in our play garden! We have loved using the water tray to create waterfalls with our friends, and we have also loved using the balance bikes and scooters to work on our gross motor skills!
  • Despite the weather, the Owls and Peregrines popped their wellies and coats on and thoroughly enjoyed our walk up to the common for ice cream! They walked very sensibly and loved jumping in puddles on the way! I think you can tell by their faces, that they really enjoyed their ice creams!🤩
  • As we are approaching Easter and the end of our Space topic, this week we have made rock cakes to finish off the topic! The Owls enjoyed learning how to weigh out the ingredients, chop up the butter into small chunks and rub the butter into the dry ingredients to make a breadcrumb consistency. I […]
  • We love practicing our fine motor skills in Owls and making it tasty is the best way for this! This week, we have been making fruit rockets! We chose our fruits and had a go at using the knives safely to cut them into pieces to be able to thread them onto the stick in […]
  • When the Owls went into the play garden this morning they were greeted by an alien spaceship that had crash landed at school! We had a fantastic time playing in the spaceship and imagining that we were blasting off to space! There were also lots of pants hanging in the play garden and the Owls […]
  • This term in PE, Miss Howells has been teaching us all about sportsmanship and how we need to play our games fairly. We have been learning how to react when we lose or win a game and how to be a ‘good sport’. During our games the Owls huddled as a team to choose a […]
  • During Red Nose Day, the Owls learnt a lot about what we can do to raise money and where our money goes! We have also decorated our own Red Nose Day biscuits, we iced them and added a cherry/raspberry for the nose! They look delicious!
  • We have loved learning about different types of patterns this week! We have created our own tile patterns, used manipulatives to create patterns as well as completing patterns created by a friend. We have also used patterns throughout the week during our continuous provision; we had bells to create our own musical patterns as well […]
  • The Owls looked fantastic in their costumes for World Book Day! The Owls loved talking about their favourite books and sharing them with the class. In the afternoon, we even had the Eagles come down to share some books with the Owls! We had a fantastic day sharing our love of stories!