Our Teaching Team

Clive Payne – Class Teacher
Pip Stroud – Teaching Assistant

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  • Sparrowhawks came into school in colourful non uniform to raise money for Children in Need this week.
  • Sparrowhawks are learning all about Hinduism in RE this term, and reading folk tales from India, which feature Hindu gods and goddesses. The traditional stories are often told during Hindu festivals, and Sparrowhawks have been learning about the stories and customs featured in the celebration of Diwali. Children have made their own Diwali diva lamps… […]
  • In our Science this term, Sparrowhawks are looking how forces move and act on objects. Last week in Miss Payne’s lesson, children used a force meter to measure how many Newtons of force were needed to pull a weighted saucepan. We found that the heavier the object, the greater the force needed to move it.… […]
  • Sparrowhawks were guided by our ceramics teacher, Julie Fowler, in making a model of a hare in clay, based on the famous watercolour of a young hare by the German artist, Albrecht Duerer. The class followed step by step instructions to bring their sculpture together, finally adding details to the face, paws and body of… […]
  • Sparrowhawks learned about the turbulent history of Germany in the 20th Century as part of our studies for World Awareness. We learned about the occupation and division of the country by allied forces in the wake of WWII, and how cold wat tensions led to partition into two separate states and the building of the… […]
  • In our activities for World Awareness, Sparrowhawks cooked two recipes from Germany. Children worked in a team to prepare ingredients. The first recipe was Zwiebelkuche from Franconia, with smoked cheese, smoked ham, onions and kummel on bread dough. The second recipe was Apfelstreuselkuche, a tray bake cake with chunks of apple topped with a crumble.… […]
  • In our World Awareness activities about Germany, Sparrowhawks have learned about the troubled life of the monarch King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who built many wonderful fairytale castles which have since become popular tourist attractions, but in his lifetime left the country bankrupt and starving. Children wrote about the mysterious events surrounding the tragic end… […]
  • Where was Germany 500 years ago? Why are there so many flags in Germany? What are some world famous German manufacturing brands? Where did the Brothers Grimm get their weird and wonderful fairy stories? These are just some of the questions that Sparrowhawks have been looking at this week in our World Awareness activities all… […]
  • Sparrowhawks thought about things that were special to them this week in our PSHE lesson with Miss Payne. Children drew pictures to represent the important things in their lives, and took turns in circle time to talk about why those things were special to them.
  • On Tuesday 12th October, Sparrowhawks met in Bisley to walk for a day exploring the woods at Copsegrove Farm. The class were put into teams to do different challenges through the day, including a minibeast hunt, a woodland search, conker collecting, classifying items found in the woods, making a food chain picture, and roasting wraps… […]