Our Teaching Team

Jacob Muskett – Teacher
Rachel Smith – Teaching Assistant

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  • Homework Maths – Fractions of amount worksheet (Due Wednesday) PHSE – Should children be allowed to eat junk food? (Due Wednesday) 100 Word Challenge You may want to think about including the following; Relative clause 2A sentence Ly or ing opener Think about the noun chain you are using. Task:  Use the picture below to […]
  • We worked collaboratively in pairs to create both series and parallel circuits. We used a range of components including a bulb, buzzer and motor. After this we drew our circuits, next week we will be learning about the specific circuit symbols.
  • We had a fantastic time at Skillzone in Gloucester on Tuesday, here are some pictures of what we got up to.
  • Homework Solve Emoji – maths worksheet (Due Wednesday) TTRS – 20 games on garage (Due Tuesday) Sentence openers worksheet (Due Wednesday)   Spellings Group 1 – sea, dream, meat, each, scream Group 2 – reply, cry, terrify, multiply, sly Group 3 – basically, frantically, dramatically, magically, tragically, comically, actually, accidentally, occasionally, eventually Group 4 – […]
  • Sparrowhawks were set the task of finding how much money each child would have raised from a variety of fictional fundraisers. They first had to count up the total, then divide the amount by the number of children who had raised it.
  • Homework TTRS – Team Mr Muskett Vs Team Mrs Smith (Friday) PHSE – Think about the following for our debate next week – ‘Should children be given the right to vote in an election?’ (Wednesday) Reading – Read up to your given chapter in your group read (Monday) -Using a piece of A4 paper draw […]
  • Gastrells 9 Cashed Green 1 After working on tag rugby in PE this term it was fantastic to take 13 Sparrowhawks to Cashes Green to play a competitive game. I was incredibly impressed with their passing, running with the ball and overall teamwork. A particular well done to those who were playing their first ever […]
  • We transformed ourselves into woodland creatures using pictures and natural materials that we found around the school site.