Our Teaching Team

Jacob Muskett – Teacher
Rachel Smith – Teaching Assistant

Checkout our latest posts from our class blog below or just hit to button to get to our complete blog. It’s the best way to get the most up-to-date information about what we are up to and also has some great images – so dive in!!!

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  • 100 word challenge  To be posted as a comment below before Wednesday 16th October Use the picture below to inspire your 100 words short story. Think about some of the following questions before you start. Who are the people on the ladder? Are they climbing to or from the moon? What is at the other […]
  • We had a fantastic talk from Chris Riddell at the Cheltenham Literature Festival today. He spoke to us about what it was like to be both an illustrator and an author, including how drawing often helped him with inspirations for his books.
  • Group 1- sing, string, hang, long, song Group 2- badge, edge, bridge, dodge, fudge Group 3- hear, here, heal, heel, main, mane, mail, male, knot, not Group 4- medal, meddle, missed, mist, scene, seen, board, bored, witch, which   Just a reminder that you need to know the meanings and be able to use your […]
  • Here is a reminder of our blogging rules we discussed in class…. Stay safe online by reading and following our blogging rules! Only use your first name when commenting- no surnames. Relatives who leave comments are also asked to use their first name only or to post comments as “Megan’s  Mum” or “Jeff’s Grandfather”. Keep safe- […]
  • We held an outdoor learning day inspired by the characters in our class book ‘The Explorers’. We built our own rafts, dens and fires throughout the day, showing great perseverance and team work.
  • 100 word challenge  – To be posted as a comment below before Wednesday 2nd October Use the picture below to inspire your 100 words short story, remember to try and think about the following things;  A range of adjectives  Capital letters and full stops.  Expanded noun phrases You may want to think about answering some […]
  • Spellings – To be tested on Monday 17th June Group 1 – enough, young, touch, double, trouble, country, courage, rough, tough, cousin Group 2 – antiseptic, anticlockwise, antisocial, antidote, antibiotic, interrupt, intervene, interlude, intermediate, international.   100 word challenge – To be posted as a comment below before Tuesday 18th June (8:45am) Use the picture […]
  • We had a great P.E session today where we played throw golf for the first time. The children had to battle a rather hilly course which would change even the best golfers but they all had great fun.
  • Today in art we focused on only painting what we could see from our perspective. It was great to look at how each of the paintings came out different at the end. It was great to see some fantastic use of colour after our lesson last week.