Welcome to Gastrells Primary School


Gastrells Community Primary School is a thriving primary school in the Rodborough area of Stroud. We are a friendly, welcoming school where children achieve well in all aspects of school life.

At Gastrells Primary School we believe in a ‘Flying Start to a Life of Learning’. We teach the skills, knowledge and values that children need to handle the complexity and diversity of today’s world. As the children grow, we expect that they will gain respect for themselves, for each other and for the world in which we live.

Our mission is to promote pupil success by inspiring and developing their knowledge, interests, physical and mental wellbeing, and a love of learning in a child-centered, inclusive and empowering environment. 

The School’s values underpin absolutely everything that we do.   The Values for Gastrells Community Primary have been re-cast as follows: 

·         Child-centered 

·         Inspiring 

·         Inclusive 

·         Positive 

·         Resilient 

·         Empowering 

We welcome you to find out more about our Gastrells family by taking a look at the film below.

– Kate Merriman, Head Teacher

One of our Year 6 pupils had this to say about our school:

‘It’s friendly, they support you, they help everyone in different circumstances with different needs. They push you towards achieving your goals. It’s a fun school, you learn while having fun. The teachers are really fun. It’s a great place and friendly environment. They do lots of sport. I love it because it’s an amazing school and because of all the opportunities I’ve had and all the times I’ve pushed myself and achieved my goals.’

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