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  • A quick transmission from Young Voices; rehearsals are going well and our performers singing with plenty of energy! If you’re coming tonight to watch you’re in for a treat…
  • Over the coming weeks we will be observing how light behaves and how we see things: this week observing how travels with a simple experiment.
  • Today was our first indoor rowing session, which Eagles will be learning about technique and doing a spot of competition. Trickier than it looks, but good fun and a great active way to kick off the week…      
  • For an experiment this week, please could you bring a small electrical item that emits light and has a switch (i.e. you can turn it on and off). This could be a basic torch, bike light, or phone with a torch app. Get permission first and please no lasers or fire! Thank you…
  • There is one set of spellings this week for everyone; these words will cover our science learning for this term. light, source, dark, absence, transparent, translucent, opaque, shiny, matt, surface, shadow, reflect, mirror, sunlight, dangerous
  • Congratulations to Joe from Eagles, who finished runner up in a keenly fought final today; both Joe and eventual winner Fin played out a highly entertaining game in front of a lively Gastrells crowd!
  • This week’s home learning will support the division we are studying in class – the model below may help make sense of a written method of division: You could use a selection of £1, 10p and 1p coins at home (ensure that you make clear £1 = 100p in this case) . Each ‘column of […]
  • Please ensure you know what each word means! (This will form part of your test next week) Electrons adorable, valuable, advisable, believable, desirable, excitable, knowledgeable, likeable, changeable, noticeable Protons expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, transmission, possession, profession, depression, impression
  • All this month eagles have completing a challenge a day for ‘Barvember’. Have a look in your child’s learning journal for some examples! Bar modelling is a method of representation of a numbers in the form of bars or boxes in order to solve problems. It takes a bit of practise but Eagles are becoming […]
  •   Today we spent an informative and fun afternoon learning how keep ourselves safe at Skillzone; where life scenarios are mocked up and explored with the help of a guide. Today we explored the home, roads, railways, safe and unsafe streets, the park, police custody and our own mental well-being. It was a memorable experience […]